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What if you could open an app on your smartphone, drop a location pin where you see deer damage or broken irrigation in your vineyard, and send in a work order for it to be fixed first thing tomorrow morning? How about drawing a perimeter around a specific area of your vineyard that needs spraying or mowing, and your foreman sends out a crew, based on the precise specifications (mow height, chemical mix, location target) entered?

Process2Wine® has made this a reality with the creation of a complete web and mobile app platform, exclusively designed for detailed vineyard and cellar management.

Watch Your Tractor Spray or Mow in Real Time or Look at Previous Days

Offering a portable system that interfaces with real-time GPS data right from your smartphone, Process2Wine is a complete vineyard management system, ensuring the full traceability of your production. It offers relevant business management tools that are essential for your team, such as allocation of employees’ time, total cost by vineyard or varietal, and productivity per acre.

Offering up a revolutionary new vineyard management platform, you can log on to Process2Wine from your desktop for full usage, or use with 80% unabbreviated functionality through the advanced smartphone app.

Do you have multiple vineyards or even multiple estates? They’ve got it covered, tracking not only all parcels, but using our GPS boxes allows you to geo-locate your tractors in real time. Watch the rows the tractor is spraying, or track the time it takes your crews to get from one location to the next. Some of the other options it can provide include:

  • Comparisons over time, with examples including: 
    • How many hours were spent pruning this year compared to last 
    • How many times was one block sprayed this year compared to last 
    • How much product was used block to block, or by area over time 
    • Damage type (customizable: you create your list) by year 
  • Assignment by worker to duties 
  • Oversight of all work orders from one location 
  • Multiple estate integration 
  • Multiple vineyard managers can access

Plan Your Work Orders Ahead or Look at Their History on the Calendar

Says Patrick Oates, COO, “Your teams can head down the road to the next block. Your manager will know how long it took them to get there, see the spraying or whatever in real time, with a color-coded satellite map, with all the notes you’ve written. You can look at each block by layers, for example by varietal, or by yield. The ease and functionality for vineyard management is incomparable.” 

Your managers can see what work is being accomplished on any given day, and by whom. This vineyard management data is also integrated with cellar data, and the two components can work together to provide a seamless transition from vineyard to cellar, extending your options. 

With remarkably affordable pricing, this technology provides vast potential to the new wave of technology-driven vineyard decision making. Contact their team today to demo the software and see how Process2Wine can take you winery and vineyard management to the next level. 



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