Reporting & Compliance

This module provides you with ready-to-use and real-time traceability reports and compliance reports.
It has never been easier to manage your winery!

  • Compliance Reports: Process2Wine gathers and presents the data for the TTB Report (USA) and for the Canadian Excise Report.
  • Preconfigured Reports: make the most of ready-to-use reports and performance indicators on your winemaking operations.
  • Cost Tracking Report: get a comprehensive report on the production costs for a block, a wine batch or a finished bottle. The cost report tracks all the production costs from vine to bottle (Human Resources costs, input costs, grape cost...)
  • Interactive Reports: you can't find a specific report? It's not a problem, you can build your own crosstab reports thanks to a Business Intelligence tool. 


Compliance Reporting (TTB, Pesticide Use Reporting, Canadian Excise Report)
Preconfigured Traceability Reports
Production Cost Report
Interactive Reports

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