Cellar functions

The cellar mode enables you to record and follow-up each action done on the wine batches, including input additions, laboratory analyses, density and temperature measurements, blends…
With the graphic tank map, you can easily check all the information on your wines according to different selection criterion (added products, vintage, appellation…).
Once the actions are recorded you have comprehensive traceability of your wine batches at your disposal.



Harvest and bulk wine intake
Cellar Inventory in real time
Transfer and traceability management
Oenological input management
Bottling, bulk wine removal
Harvest management (tank planning, expected vs real yield)
Personalized containers map
Containers management: tanks, barrels, multi-barrels
HACCP follow-up
Import of laboratory analysis files

Mobile functions:
It gives you the indispensable functions you need to follow traceability in the cellar. 

  • Transfer and traceability management: enter your data which are accessible and updated in real time
  • Oenological input management: list and manage the use of oenological products
  • Grape harvest intake: list harvest tickets in real time
  • Container and wine lists: list all your tanks and barrels for a better inventory control
  • Support: access to our e-mail hotline service
  • Excel export: you can easily export your data to an Excel document
  • Single user: you are limited to one connection
  • Analyses: enter the last analyses for each wine batch
  • Employee management: list your employees so you can assign them to a work order
  • Time spent management: enter the time spent by each employee

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