Process2Wine software enables you to track the data on your wine estate, to manage the time of your employees and to generate summary reports on your winemaking campaigns.
Our software suite is accessible from the Internet on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

You can therefore enter all the data of your estate and save them wherever you are (on the vineyard, the cellar…). Process2Wine is designed around Work Orders which track all the steps of the vineyard and cellar chores. Thanks to the Work Order process, you have a full tracking from the plant to the bottle.

Basic functions

All our solution, Start and Premium, are designed around basic functionalities which are common on all our versions.

Vineyard functions

The vineyard functions cover from the planting up to the picking.

This part of the software enables you to plan all the work done on your plots. You can therefore follow-up each intervention on your vineyard, from the added products, the analysis, the annotation, up to the time spent by your employees.  

Cellar functions

The cellar mode enables you to follow-up each action done on the wine batches, including the inputs, the laboratory analysis, the density and temperature measures, the assemblages…
With the graphic vat map, you can easily check all the information on your wines according to different selection criterion (added products, vintage, appellation…).
Once the actions are recorded you have at your disposal an exhaustive traceability of your wine batches.

Human Resources functions

This module helps you to manage your employees' organisation.
You start by defining your employees and their characteristics and then you can manage the planning. You can also have a monthly summary of their time spent that can be exported to your payroll software.

Logistic functions

Our logistic functions include the purchases, packaging and sales.
You can easily manage the bottle’s dressing (capsule, label, cork…) and give them a batch number for the traceability.
You can also manage your client’s orders and assign bottles to a specific client, package and send them.

GPS tracking

Thanks to our GPS boxes you can geolocalize on live your tractors. You can therefore follow the work progress or check on the map the preconisation of your service provider.

Vineyard Management Service

Thanks to the GPS boxes and the live geolocalization of the tractors on a map you can follow up the work progress at your client’s properties. You are therefore ensuring the traceability of your service.

Reporting & Compliance

Make the most of preconfigured reports and performance indicators on your winemaking campaigns. Process2Wine also gathers and presents all the data for compliance reports like the TTB Report.

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